Split Large PST Files with Stellar PST Splitter

PST corruption is a usual phenomenon with large PST files. However, the solution offered is to split large PST files into smaller ones and prevent corruption. You can keep a check on the size of PST file by using PST File Splitter Tool.

By using PST File Splitter Tool, you can split large PST files into smaller and easily manageable PST files. Today we share with you Stellar PST Splitter which can easily split large PST Files to avoid any inconvenience later.

It’s a Stellar PST Splitter Review which will help you to know everything about this amazing utility software solution.

What is PST stand for?

PST stands for a Personal Storage Table. It’s an open proprietary file format which is used to store copies of messages and other items within Microsoft software like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Messaging, and Microsoft Exchange Client.

It is also known as a Personal Folders (File). PST also functions as a cache for Outlook’s Cached Exchange Mode feature, wherein it is called as an Off-line Storage Table (.OST) or an Offline Folders (File).

So, a PST file is a Microsoft Outlook Data File that stores a user’s Outlook data including all mail folders, emails, email attachments, contacts, appointments, and more.

Each email account in Outlook gets its own database in the form of a PST File, where all emails, contacts, calendar items, and reminders are stored.


PST files are used by all versions of Microsoft Outlook, from Outlook 2000 up to Outlook 2010. Earlier versions of Outlook saved PST files in ANSI format with a maximum size of 2GB.

However, the later versions save the PST file in Unicode format and have a maximum size of 20GB (Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007) or 50GB (Outlook 2010).

However, PST files are susceptible to corruption issues which cause a loss of data. It becomes a common problem as PST files become large or when there is an increase in volume data which move through the file. So, there is a danger of losing precious or business-critical emails, contacts, tasks, or reminders.

Herein, comes the role of PST File Splitter Tool which helps you to split large PST files into smaller and manageable PST files. With Stellar PST Splitter, you can easily split large PST files and secure all your precious data.

Why Split PST File?

Every Outlook user wants that the application runs smoothly. It can be a reality if oversized PST files are avoided. In fact, Outlook PST files come with a limitation on their size. For instance, the MS Outlook versions such as Outlook 97, and Outlook 2000 had a size limit of 2GB.

The PST file size limit was improved to 20GB in versions such as Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007. The latest versions of MS Outlook got it increased to 50GB. However, this too proved insufficient for the users.

With large PST files comes the problem of file corruption. It has become a common phenomenon and also a prolonged one. Oversized PST files make your Outlook application slow.

With the increase in PST file size, MS Outlook performance takes a beating and is hampered considerably. If you continue to work with oversized PST files, there might be a time when you can lose all your files completely.

Well, you don’t want to lose any of your files and neither you will be happy with degraded Outlook performance.

So, what’s the solution for you?

The good thing for you is that the solution is simple. You can get rid of oversized PST files by splitting them with Stellar PST Splitter.

Split Large PST files with Stellar PST Splitter

Stellar PST Splitter helps you to split large and oversized PST files into smaller and manageable PST files. With Stellar PST Splitter, you can split PST files into smaller ones and prevent corruption.

It splits PST files by date, size, email id, and folders. The structure of original PST files is maintained after splitting. You can split multiple PST files simultaneously. Stellar PST Splitter saves preferences for splitting PST files automatically in a batch. It supports MS Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Stellar PST Splitter

Key Features

Here, we have listed key features and benefits of using Stellar PST Splitter:

Splits Large-Sized PST Files

The software is capable of splitting large-sized PST files located anywhere on the system into several small-sized PST Files. So, it helps to protect the PST files against corruption issues that result due to oversized PST files.

Provides ‘By Date’ Splitting Option

The software has ‘Split by Date’ option for splitting PST files by date. You can use this option if you want to split one or multiple PST file based on a date range.

Provides ‘By Size’ Splitting Option

Use the ‘Split by Size’ option for splitting your large PST files whose size is beyond the permissible limit into multiple PST files of small and defined size. The large PST files can be split into sizes such as 250MB, 1GB, 2GB, 5GB, 7GB, & 10GB.

Provides ‘By Email ID’ Splitting Option

Using this option, you can create new PST files with all the emails having a specified email id.

Provides ‘Select and Split’ Splitting Option

Using this option, you can split the PST files based on specific folders.

Original Structure of PST files is maintained

The software splits Outlook PST files without changing the structure or the content of the original PST files.

Generates Log Report

The software creates a log report for PST files splitting process once the splitting operation is completed.

Splits Multiple PST files simultaneously

The software can split multiple PST files all at once.

Stellar PST Splitter is available in free as well as paid options. However, with a free download, you only get two PST splitting options such as ‘By Size’ and ‘Select and Split.’

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