Automatic Data Backup with CrashPlan

Whenever you think of backing up your computer data you start thinking of external hard drives and other removable media but all these process of taking are pretty painful and time taking but still necessary to take backup.

Today when there are lots of cloud computing stuff are going around you must have wondered there should be a cloud system which can take backup of my computer without going through manual backing up process. Well then you are lucky there is a solution named CrashPlan which helps you to take back on other computer or on the cloud on their private server.

CrashPlan works on almost all the operating systems. It lets you to take backup on the peer system or in others words we can say that on your friends computer who allow you to take backup and CrashPlan call it offsite and onsite backup this service is free but if you want take backup on the cloud then CrashPlan offers you from 10GB to unlimited backup and online storage for personal use and they call this plan as CrashPlan+. They also provide you continuous backup that means your changes are backed up as often as once per minute.

Automatic Data Backup with CrashPlan

If you are taking backup on the other computer you own it’s a free service and it works on your home Internet connection first time it might take some hours or days depending on your data after that, backups are much faster and happen unnoticed. This free plan allows you to take backup on daily basis on other computer or hard drive but in this free plan you cannot take backup on the remote server of Crash Plan’s.

What all you can do with CrashPlan?

With CrashPlan you can easily take the backup of your data on your other computer or hard drive or your friends’ computer or on the cloud. CrashPlan keeps you are free from the tedious task of taking data backup regularly. CrashPlan Automatically takes the backup of your important data regularly. Keep you and your data safe.

CrashPlan Plans:

CrashPlan comes with three backup plans CrashPlan, CrashPlan+ and CrashPlan Pro the first two plans is for personal use and the third one is for Business use.

CrashPlan: This is free plan which offers you to take backup in multiple locations within your network means your other computer or your friends’ computer you are safer with multi-destination backup if something happens to one of your backup locations, you’ll be able to restore from another. Plus you have a choice of destinations from which to restore your files. But this program does not offer you to take online backup on CrashPlan server.

CrashPlan+: CrashPlan+ gives you all the advantages of CrashPlan with the added advantage to take secure cloud backup to CrashPlan Central for your personal files and features like continuous, minute-by-minute remote backup. There is also an option of multiple backup this features lets you to create different groups for different files so you can back up important groups to the cloud and rest groups to everywhere else.

CrashPlanPRO: this plan continuously sends your encrypted data to CrashPlan’s secure online cloud with pretty fast speed you can backup your critical business data within few minutes it’s pretty easy to use you can backup all your important data with a single click and also restore it with a single click.

At all it’s your business data so security is essential that is why CrashPlan PRO do not offers you 128-bit encryption it offers you 448-bit blowfish encryption it is 21*10^96 times stronger than 128-bit encryption.

OS Support: The best thing about CrashPlan is that it is available for almost all platforms. At present CrashPlan is available for Windows (32 and 64 bit version), Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. CrashPlan is also available for mobile devices and come as app for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Smartphone.


CrashPlan is an easy way to keep the backup of your data without going through the tedious process to taking the backup manually. You need to do just download the application it’s pretty easy to use and it works automatically. It starts taking the backup of newest files first on the assumption those mean the most to you, and it encrypts all files, so file names can’t be read on remote servers or backup computers. On the assumption those mean the most to you, and it encrypts all files, so file names can’t be read on remote servers or backup computers. CrashPlan also comes with its mobile app which lets you to access your cloud backup in the mobile too. Now we can say that this is best utility if you are thinking of backing up your computer data.

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