SMS Scheduler For Sending Automatic SMS Messages

Nowadays our lifestyles have become so fast that we tend to miss many of our important events in our lives. Relationships are very important and they need constant refueling to build and maintain them. We generally require greeting our friends and family members on their birthdays, anniversaries or on some festive occasions. You may also require sending messages to your colleagues or to your boss. Due to busy work schedules or due to some other engagements, you may forget to send these messages to your loved ones.

Scheduling SMS with SMS Scheduler

How about an app that helps you to save the messages in advance and automatically send SMS messages on the preset date to the desired recipients. Now no need to worry about remembering to send SMS messages and finally forgetting to send them as SMS Scheduler will certainly do it all on your behalf. SMS Scheduler is an effective and simple tool that automatically sends text messages to the desired candidates on the chosen date with appropriate frequency.


SMS Scheduler For Sending Automatic SMS Messages

About SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler is a free Android app that can be easily used by anybody and everybody to send automatic messages. Its usage is ever on the increasing and vastly becoming popular with the masses. So now you can also take the advantage of SMS Scheduler to refuel and maintain your relationships.

Some Major Highlights of SMS Scheduler

It has great many features to its credit which make it a simple and useful application. You can select the recipients from your contacts list or can even choose to directly type them. You can even send sms message to multiple contacts. With SMS Scheduler you can set a flexible scheduling system. For example you can send the sms once, every 15 minutes, every hour and so on. The send sms messages are added automatically to the conversation threads. It also triggers status bar notification for sent messages. It can also show you the history of sent and delivered messages.

Usage of SMS Scheduler

SMS Scheduler gives you a detailed layout and is really easy to handle. Its main screen shows you the information about scheduled sms dispatches. Each entry depicts the recipient, dispatch frequency, date and time of next transmission. You can edit each entry by clicking on it. If you want to add a fresh sms message you can use the button provided on the bottom of the screen. Multiple recipients can be specified by separating numbers with a comma. Choose frequency as “once” if you want to sent a message only once.

SMS Scheduler For Sending Automatic SMS Messages
You can use the Menu button and select History to see the status of last 1000 deliveries. Each entry in the History list gives you the details such as the recipient, the original date and time of the scheduled SMS, the real date and time on which the delivery happens with the status of the whole operation. For example “Successfully Delivered” status means that everything went right. SMS Scheduler has “Preferences” option present in the Menu on the main screen that can be used to enable/disable notifications and conversation threads insertion.


So SMS Scheduler comes as a very handy and useful application. It is must for everyone who wants to maintain cordial and fruitful relations with family members, friends, and colleagues. It is needed on both personal and professional levels as it is impossible to remember each and every event. So SMS Scheduler becomes a “Must-Have” application considering the busy and hectic lifestyle that each one of us is living today.

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