News Reader App Pulse for iPad, iPhone and Android

These days’ mobile devices are gaining popularity. From the launch of iPad, a new era began of tablets and every month 1-2 new tablets are released. After the launch of iPad 2 tablet users have increased a lot.

Why just tablets your mobile phone has also been changed totally. Now they have become Smartphone. Large screen size, fast speed, touch capability, easy to use, lightweight etc are the main features because of that many people are using such devices.

When your mobile device is so capable of doing many things then why not they can be used for reading news. There are many free apps available for iOS and Android devices which help in reading the news on your tablet or mobile.

Today we showcase to you one such powerful and user friendly mobile app which will transform and augment your reading experience altogether. There is a free app available for iPad, iPhone and Android running devices which will help you to read news in style. Yes, we are talking of the News Reader App Pulse for iPad, iPhone and Android users.

News Reading App Pulse

Pulse News

Pulse News is a free app for iPad, iPhone and Android which will make your reading experience thoroughly enjoyable and pleasing too. With Pulse News, you can transform your favorite websites into an interactive and colorful mosaic style which truly enhances your reading experience. Pulse News App makes reading fun, enjoyable and pleasing.

You just have to tap on an article so as to read the news in a totally elegant, clean and easy style. You can even save the stories for reading them later. Pulse News also provides sync and sharing facility through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. This app will show your news feed with thumbnail and allow you horizontal scrolling.

Some of the major features of Pulse News include:

  • You can organize all of the content in a single place. You can add all of your favorite content at one place. Include posts from famous sites such as Time Magazine, Facebook Feed, Huffington Post, and any other content you like.
  • Pulse enables you to have a summarized view as well as view the website by simply tapping on a post or article of your choice.
  • Pulse offers Offline sync facility, as well.
  • You can Save Stories for future reading through Evernote, Read it Later, Instapaper, or Google Reader.
  • Through Pulse, you can search for news sources. It even showcases new publishers every week.
  • With Pulse, you can instantly share a news articles or stories through Facebook, Twitter, or Email.
  • It comes integrated with Google Reader and enables you to import your RSS feeds.

All-in-all, Pulse News is a powerful, user-friendly, and feature rich News Reader App for your Android and iOS devices.

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