CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player

There is one basic and interesting fact about music and that is as much as you listen it, the more you want to enjoy it. Now with CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player you can enjoy your favorite music and that too as much as you want. CloudAround takes the experience of listening music to an entirely new level.

CloudAround is an interactive cloud music streaming app for Android from the cloud music company CloudAround LLC. With CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player you can listen music locally or stream music from Box, DropBox, Amazon or Rackspace accounts. You can choose any one of them or you can select all four of them and with as many accounts as you want.


CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player

So you have to select the cloud provider and CloudAround will stream music from a player. CloudAround provides you an interface that has the capability of playing music from various sources from just a single place. You require no sign up for downloading CloudAround. So simply download and start streaming your favorite music in no time what so ever.

CloudAround has an intuitive UI design. It also has a settings section which includes settings such as display limits, cache limits, WI-Fi only playback. You can also remove duplicate tracks and has other features like HD artist art and random art displays. CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player can also cache songs so that users can download them to their Android devices from the cloud.

As according to the co-founder of CloudAround LLC, Nick Fortenberry, “CloudAround supports metadata sync within minutes to give you the information you want, while never altering your current storage habits”. He also commented that, “We want to bridge the gap of remote storage while at the same time bringing an interactive experience”.

You do not require to upload your music to another provider just to stream the music. It can find, sort and tag the music for you quickly. The other notable features of CloudAround includes gapless playback, full SSL support, caching for quicker playback, automatic song recognition and many other features too.

CloudAround can be downloaded from the Android Market. It is available as free and pro version as well and can be successfully installed on Android 2.2 and above. So with CloudAround Android Cloud Music Player you can stream all your favorite music and songs from the cloud and that too very easily and instantly.

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