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In real life scenarios, there are numerous occasions when you just can’t make to your important office meetings. Let’s say you are a stuck in a traffic jam, and it’s time for your office meeting that you simply can’t afford to miss. It’s a frustrating situation. You cannot take the aerial route and go onto attend your office meeting. So, is there a way out for you? Can you somehow be a party to your crucial office meeting?

Well you can definitely dial in, but then you will miss out the visuals, the spreadsheets, slide decks, and much more. This is not going to be a viable solution. So, what is a more practical solution for you?

In fact, the solution lies in remotely attending the meeting using the free App. is a powerful mobile application that enables you to attend remote meetings. It is a free application for mobile screen sharing. With free app, you can easily be connected to remote meeting or can attend screen sharing sessions. More importantly it’s a free app and a fabulous collaborative working tool.
Although there are many software and services available for computer screen sharing; however with you get an opportunity to share your mobile device screen and collaborate in real time.

With this app, you can access mobile screen of your friends and colleagues and collaborate in real time. is like online meeting space which enables you to share screen to collaborate, meet, train, chat, do file transfer etc. The free mobile app enables you to have hassle-free, super fast Web Conferencing.

How It Works

First, download the app. Now, you’re ready to join meetings from anywhere as long as you’re connected to the Internet by 3G or Wi-Fi.

Next direct your colleagues to to start a meeting, web conference or ad-hoc collaboration.

They click the “share” button to begin broadcasting their screen. It generates a secure nine-digit meeting code. You type that into the app and presto.

So, you see that the working of is super easy. Whosoever hosts the meeting has to download and run a small client program. The host has to then forward the nine digit numeric code (that is generated by the client program) to the attendees. That’s it. The attendee has to use the link or code to log in to App on their mobile phones and then attend web conference or remote meeting. The latest version of enables iOS and Android users to participate in meetings remotely using their mobile devices.


  • Mobile screen viewing
  • Be a participant in Chat Sessions
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out Feature Included
  • Get a list of all the meeting attendees is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It is a free app. There is also a pro version available for this app, which offer more features such as personal link & background, meeting scheduler, meeting lock, user management, international conference call, etc.

The only limitation that you will encounter in is that you cannot control a remote screen. If you are an iDevice user, you are only limited to viewing. Having said that, still reigns supreme as a free mobile app. Using App, you can easily attend remote meetings with your handheld mobile devices on the go. So there is no need to worry if you are not making to your all important office meeting, just log in to the Application and remotely participate in your office meeting.

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