Ginger – A Free Spellings and Grammar Correction Software

A beginner, new to the world of writing and facing problems with spelling and grammar. Here is a perfect solution for free Ginger Software; it is a grammar and spell checker for avoiding stupid and embarrassing mistakes that we sometimes commit during writing. If you ask me, it is a great piece of software invention for writers all across the globe.

Ginger Software is a free Web tool that checks your grammar and spelling errors and helps you in improving and learning English and helping people who suffer from dyslexia having a problem in writing and learning. Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker Software utilize the concepts such as a full sentence context as well as on text-to-pronunciation.

Ginger Grammar and Spell Checker Web Based Tool can immensely help writers in enhancing their writing and communication abilities. Using this Web Based Tool, writers are able to produce clear and error-free text. It can also be useful for those who want learn English as a second language.


Ginger software is very easy to download and use. It can be directly downloaded from its official website and can be used freely.

The beauty of Ginger Software is that it is fully compatible with all the Microsoft office tools like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel. It is also compatible with most of the popular web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and others. The Ginger Software is installed locally on your PC. However, it uses Web-Based Tools and you always require an active internet connection for supporting the browsers grammar and spell check.

After completing the 3 steps of installing the Ginger Software, when you use MS Word to write an article there is a small bar of green color appears which is centered on top with “Ginger it” written on it. By clicking on this green color button, you can enable Ginger check spelling and grammar of any open Word document. This software keeps on correcting the grammar and spelling errors with the text written by you.

The Ginger Interface is split into two horizontal sections. In one section, it checks the text that’s been written, and in the other it recommends changes in highlighted form. Clicking on the Approve, you can accept changes. You can also make Ginger as your Default spell checker for your MS Word App as well as for other applications. Ginger also provides a Web-based Help file, user community and with other resources too. The Ginger Software is easy to install, easy to configure and easy to use.

With Ginger, you can check the written article also. You just have to paste it in MS word and press F2, Ginger will check the whole article while giving you the appropriate suggestions for the wrong text. You can correct the text by just using approved given below.

Ginger pro version is also available which has some additional features that the free version does not have in it like Ginger Text to Speech it reads out your article and help you in correcting your pronunciation, collect data of your mistakes and helps you in overcoming them with various exercises.

Ginger software has many advantages, but with this it has a disadvantage that it slows down the speed of your PC to some extent, but when you stop it from working on the browser the speed is improved rest there is no problem with the free version of this software.

The spell checker software is one of the greatest software made for the writers. Ginger Software is one of them.

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