5 Best Free OCR Software for Windows

Wouldn’t you like to simplify your data entry tasks or wish to perform editing process for several of your frequently used documents in a much lesser time or even wish to simplify searches? Of course, you would like to save much of your time, efforts and money in doing all and many other such related tasks. Yes, modern technology does provide you with a simpler and smarter way.

OCR Software is the answer to all such problems that you may face in your day to day activities. So in the present post we showcase you 5 Best Free OCR Software for Windows  that would assist you in simplifying data entry tasks, searches and much more.

You just have to take a scanned image or a snapshot from your mobile camera or Digicam (of the printed text) and use OCR Software to extract all the information from the image into electronic data that can be read, edited and used in a computer system.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. It is a system for converting scanned image files of printed or handwritten material into equivalent machine readable text format. An OCR works only when a scanned image of the printed text has been produced. It analyses a document and compares it with the fonts stored in its database. OCR Software also carries an in-built spell checker to recognize typical and misspell words too.

So let us see and explore the OCR Software presented here so that you can choose the most suitable OCR Software for Windows to fulfill your present and future requirements.

5 Free OCR Software

1. Advanced OCR Free

Advanced OCR Free works as an Image OCR as well as PDF OCR. It can extract text from scanned PDF and from image files too and saves the OCR text to .txt or word file so that you can edit the machine readable text format. It can even preview PDF files and can also change PDF metadata. It comes with a superior OCR accuracy of about 98%. It has a simple-to-use user interface which makes text extraction an easy job.
OCR Software

2. FreeOCR

FreeOCR is simple and easy to use OCR Software. It carries the open-source Tesseract OCR engine which was originally developed by HP Labs. It is one of the most accurate free OCR Software. Its lets you scan a printed text directly from a scanner or else you can directly use the Open option to open an image or PDF file for converting it to machine editable text format.
OCR Software

3. CuneiForm

Developed by Cognitive Technologies CuneiForm was initially released as a commercial OCR Solution but is now available as freeware. CunieForm main edge over other OCR Software is its superior OCR engine which provides it a high degree of accuracy when converting image or pdf files into editable text files. Its overall text recognition is excellent and also preserves the formatting and text sizes differences too.
OCR Software

4. Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the top online OCR Services. You can upload scan PDF or Image files to Google Docs. Once this is done you can further open the file in Google Docs and perform the OCR feature to convert the scanned files into machine readable text format. To have to tick the option to use the OCR features in Google Docs. It then extracts the text from a scanned file and displays it in Google Docs format.
OCR Software

5. Abbyy FineReader Online

Abbyy FineReader Online is another superb cloud-based online service. It brings in a superior character and format recognition accuracy. It enables the retention of paragraphs, bullet points, tables and other formatting features as well. It allows for a range of input formats and can deliver multiple output formats as well. You can input image files such as PDFs, TIFF, JPEG, DjVu and others. It can convert your image documents to output formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, ODT, RTF, etc. It also has the facility to convert multilingual document images to text files.
OCR Software

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