5 Best Free Morphing Software

Morphing is a unique effect in images and videos in which a single image is turned into another image. It is largely used to transform a particular person’s image into another person’s image.

After morphing an image, it can easily be saved into the AVI, SWF, GIF, JPEG and other popular formats, and can be viewed whenever required.

Earlier morphing was a tough job to perform and can be done only by professionals and graphical designers, but now many software are available with the help of which you can perform morphing. These morphing software are easy to use and install. The user interface of these software’s are designed in such a way that with simple know-how you can change an image to another through morphing.

There are software’s also with which you can morph more than one image and videos at a time.

Here, I present to you a list of five Free Morphing Software by which you can easily and efficiently carry out morphing of images.

5 Free Morphing Software

1. Sqirlz Morph

Sqirlz Morph is morphing software that is used for morph up several images and videos in a single image and video. Images can be morphed in a row or randomly. This is a free to download and use software which can be used to morph a family image into a single image. After morphing the images and videos you can easily save them as AVI video, flash movie, jpeg files and more. These techniques are basically used in film industry.
Morphing Software

2. FotoMorph

FotoMorph is morphing software (photo animation and flash banner rotation tool) which is free to download. Morphing is a very tough task to perform which were earlier performed by the big graphic designer now can be performed by anyone. FotoMorph Software had made the morphing very easy it has a very easy to use interface anyone with simple knowledge can use this software and can easily morph images and videos. There is an example with this software which tells how to use this software and make morphing a fun.
Morphing Software

3. Free Morphing

From the name it’s telling it is morphing software for free. This morphing software shows how an image is transformed from one image to the targeted image. Free morphing creates the frames how the image is transforming, you can see the transformation. It also has an easy to use interface, simple knowledge and you can morph an image into another. Free Morphing software has a drawback that the create image after saving in AVI format or other does not work out properly it either hangs or morphing does not work in them.
Morphing Software

4. Magic Morph

Magic Morph is another tool for morphing and warping images and videos. Images and video can be morphed easily without any image quality being loss. The morphed image is of amazing quality. The morphed images and videos forms by Magic Morph can be easily saved into AVI, Gif and SWF formats. The morphed image can be seen any number of times with no hanging problem.
Morphing Software

5. Win Morph

Win Morph is morphing software for Windows. It can easily warp and morph the image without any affect on the quality of the image. With images it can be used for video morphing. Win Morph is also a free to download and use software. Win Morph can be used as an individual application or as a plugin for the wax video editor for morphing videos. It is a superior key framing, coming together and warping tools for total control.
Morphing Software

I hope that you would have found the presentation of 5 Best Free Morphing Software highly useful. I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and feedback.

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  1. Morphing is a unique effect in images and videos in which a single image is turned into another image. It is largely used to transform a particular person’s image into another person’s image.

    This is very useful to bloggers, thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the list. I was looking for this kind of software to add morphing effects to my videos.
    Does any of these offer the opportunity to morph two moving videos?

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