Capture, Edit and Share Stunning Images with Flickr App

Life is awesome, colorful, and beautiful.

Likewise, your photos should also be beautiful, stunning, colorful and awesome.

Well, Photographs give you an opportunity to present various aspects of this wonderful life in its full grandeur.

Moreover, you want to create and share stunning and beautiful photographs with your friends and family members. Now as life has become more and more mobile, everyone looks for a powerful app with which they can easily create and share beautiful and fantastic photos. Your Smartphone can easily be transformed into a powerful photographic tool which will enable you to create stunning, beautiful and breath-taking photographs.

With Flickr App, you get the opportunity for easily creating and share rich and vibrant photos right from your Smartphone.

Flickr photo app comes empowered with powerful editing tools as well as custom filters and frames so that you are able to create stunning and beautiful photographs right from your Smartphone.

Flickr App
It’s a fully-featured app providing you with features like, looking at your own pictures or those of others, sharing your photos and others. The app is not just a photo stream browser but far much ahead of that. You can even directly download the full-size images to email or use as wallpaper. The app starts up in your activity stream where your recent favorites and so on are shown and also allows capturing and filtering of images through the in-app small camera which you can directly share with your friends at your Facebook account.

The app also features full screen browsing and slideshows of photos whether it is your personal photo or from the global Flickr community. You can also add titles, descriptions, comments and tags to your photo along with the option of geotagging of images. Using the editing tools you can easily Sharpen, Enhance, Crop, and Contrast you’re photographs. Plus: the Flickr app provides different retouching tools such as Whitening, Blemish, and Redeye.

It comes with instant sharing feature which enables you for easily sharing your photographs on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumbler. And that’s not all as you get the opportunity for endless uploads. You get as much as one terabyte of free storage space so that you can save and display each and every of your photo in full resolution.

With its innovative privacy settings, you get the freedom to make your photo as public or private according to your personal preference. With Flickr, you can explore as much as you want. You can follow your friends as well as the world’s best photographers. So with Flickr app you can always expect to discover something new. You can like as well as a comment on the photos you discover.

Flickr is a solid little app in itself and doesn’t require any of the advanced features like groups and collections. The next release may also include the community portion. You can download it for FREE for your Android, and iOS Devices.

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