7 Best Android Yoga Apps

Have you ever thought of practicing Yoga in the comfort of your home? Well, let me tell you that now it is very much possible. You can use Yoga App to reap the benefits of Yoga without heading to expensive Yoga Studios. Moreover, you will be happy to know that there are a wealth of Yoga Apps which can help you to practice Yogic exercises useful for everything from stretching to relaxing and much more.

Here we have come with an exclusive post showcasing you 7 Best Android Yoga Apps which help you to practice Yogic exercises easily in the comfort of your home.

Yogic exercises go a long way in relaxing and strengthening your body. It enables you to lead a healthy lifestyle. In fact, Yoga is an ancient practice which provides numerous poses, breathing exercises and meditation techniques for relaxing and improving your overall health. Research suggests that Yoga is instrumental in reducing stress, depression, anxiety and improves fitness and flexibility.

This presentation on Best Android Yoga Apps has been crafted to make Yoga easier to learn and practice at your convenience. It is not only useful for experts in Yoga; even beginners can use these Smartphone Apps for practicing Yoga. We selected these Yoga Apps keeping in mind their potential for helping people in easily practicing Yoga. We also used other factors in the selection of these Yoga Apps such as user ratings, affordability, functionality, format, and yoga practice at all levels. So, these 7 Best Android Yoga Apps will help you practice Yoga at your comfort.

(However, it should be noted that we do not endorse any of these Android Yoga Applications.)

So, let’s move on and explore these Best Android Yoga Apps.

7 Best Yoga Apps for Android

1. Pocket Yoga

The “Pocket Yoga” Android Yoga App has been built with the philosophy of providing you with an App that supports you to practice Yoga anywhere and at any time. This easy to use App features more than 200 illustrations and provides you plenty of Yoga poses. It is equally good for beginners as well as experts who want to practice Yoga for improving their overall health and stamina.

It provides you the freedom to choose different levels of Yogic practices, intensities, and environments. Using its vocal instruction guides you can easily go through the steps of Yoga Poses. Moreover, the App can be customized. For example, you can play music from your library playlist. Pocket Yoga also tracks your progress and has an inbuilt dictionary that lists out the benefits of each pose.
Pocket Yoga

2. Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is undoubtedly one of the best Yoga Coaching & Fitness Android App. This Android Yoga App has been designed to be suitable for all levels including beginners, intermediate, and advanced Yoga Enthusiasts. If you have plans to burn fat, lose weight or get relaxed, daily Yoga can go a long way in helping you achieve your fitness goals.

It provides you with convenient home exercise which not only nourishes you but also spares you from tiresome workouts. Daily Yoga includes more than 50 HD Yoga exercises and 500 Yoga Poses. You get these in beautiful HD Videos, live Voice Guide, and soothing Yoga Music.
Daily Yoga

3. Simply Yoga

Simply Yoga is a simple yet effective Android Yoga App. Simply Yoga works as your personal yoga instructor. It comes with 20, 40, and 60-minute yoga routine that guides you through each pose. Moreover, it has been empowered with audio and video instructions which help you to get easily into each pose.

It altogether provides 30+ poses, and each pose is showcased by a certified personal trainer. It is a perfect Yoga App for both men and women. So, you have to select your preferred workout length simply and follow the instructions in the comfort of your home.
Simply Yoga

4. Yoga.com

Yoga.com is definitely one of the most popular and advanced Android Yoga App. It is used by millions of fans worldwide. Yoga.com is simple, delightful, and beautiful. One of the primary highlights of this Android Yoga App is the fact that it can be used by Yogis at all levels including beginners, intermediate and advanced.

Its database contains 289 poses and breathing exercises which are shown in stunning HD video quality. Yoga.com allows you to choose yoga poses by your skill level, fitness goal, or by type. It comes with as much as 37 pre-installed programs which help you attain better health and well-being.

5. Yoga – Track Yoga

“Yoga –Track Yoga” is a simple yet effective Android Yoga App which easily helps you to inculcate the habit of Yoga. Using this App, you can practice Yoga whenever you want, wherever you want. It has been tailored for losing weight, gaining flexibility and even for having a great workout. It comes loaded with many forms of yoga such as hatha yoga, yoga asanas, pranayama, core yoga, power yoga, etc.

Track Yoga is suitable for all yogis whether they are brand new or super skilled yogis. You get access to a personal yoga instructor. They are well qualified and experts and can answer any yoga related question. It is equipped with various Yoga Programs which helps you achieve specific Yoga goals.
Yoga – Track Yoga

6. Yoga Monkey

Yoga Monkey is one of the best free Android Yoga App. It provides various yogic exercises which help you to lose weight, relieve and stay fit. You can use Yoga Monkey to implement Yogic Workout, or use it as Yoga Teacher for self-learning in a step by step manner.

It has numerous Yoga Poses which have been designed by certified Yoga Professionals who have 20 years of experience in teaching Hatha Yoga. Yoga Monkey comes with Cute 3D Little Yoga Monkey which practices Yoga Poses with you. It is equally good for Yoga beginners to Yoga experts.
Yoga Monkey

7. Yoga Guru

Yoga Guru Android App is immensely helpful in physical, mental, and spiritual improvement. Its bundle of Yogic Exercises and Breath Workouts can be used to lose weight, and stay fit. The App can be used as self-workout guidance and also as an extra supplement to your Yoga Studio Exercises. It’s Yoga Workout Courses cater the needs of beginners to advanced level. Yoga Guru provides real model video tutorials which help you in practicing yogic exercises under professional instruction.
Yoga Guru

We certainly hope that this presentation of 7 Best Android Yoga Apps proves highly useful for you and makes it easier for you to practice Yogic Exercises anywhere and anytime.

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