WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine

Almost everybody out there must have used the services of a search engine to get answers to their questions. It has become the order of the day to look up the search engine for matching information related to your specific queries. But have you used the online service of WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine.

Up-till now the search engines we have been using generally adopt the method of searching externally to find out the things you are looking for. They provide us with the list of documents or web pages which could contain the piece of information that you have asked. Now, this method is rather time consuming and requires a lot of effort on the part of the user to get the exact results. But with WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine; you can change the way you get the results from a search engine and that too for the better.

WolframAlpha is an answer engine that can provide factual answers to your questions over the Internet or through a mobile app. Rather than searching externally like a search engine to find out the information for you, WolframAlpha looks within to give you the answers for your questions. It is a self contained program, an online service that directly provides answers to your factual queries from its structured database. It has been developed by Wolfram Research and is the brain child of the British scientist Stephen Wolfram. WolframAlpha was opened for the public on 15 May 2009.

With its capabilities of returning factual answers to your questions, WolframAlpha can be rightly called “an intelligent online answer engine”. The empty search box of WolframAlpha holds countless possibilities for you. You can submit your queries and computational requests through this search box provided on its homepage. WolframAlpha then returns answers and matching visualizations from a knowledge base of its structured data source.

WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine

It can also answer “phrased natural-language fact based questions” such as “Which is the largest continent of the world” and even much more complex questions. It can also do calculations on data combining one than one source such as “What is the tenth smallest country by GDP per capita?” would output Sierra Leone $352 per person per year. WolframAlpha utilizes inferences from a core set of database which includes hundreds of datasets such as “All Current and Historical Weather”. The volume of datasets would increase with time and as a result the range of questions that can be answered would also increase many times.

WolframAlpha covers a whole range of topics and categories which includes Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Life Sciences, Astronomy, People and History, Music, Sports, Health and Medicine, Web and Computer Systems, Socioeconomic data and many other topics across varied categories as well. Here we are listing some of the things you might like to do with WolframAlpha.

Comparisons – Use vs in between the two terms you want to compare. For example, you can compare two countries to get a comparative view on different parameters, like Japan vs China. You can also compare cities, books, foods and other stuff as well.
Does Complicated Math – apart from doing basic arithmetic you can also solve complicated mathematical problems with
WolframAlpha that most calculators fail to do. It can solve equations, provides graphs, can calculate a derivative, can compute properties of a geometric figure, computes a truth table, can solve integral calculus and much more.

WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine

Do Word Trivia – Find words that begin with a certain letter, end with a particular set of characters or both. You have to just ask in plain English. For example, you can type, “words beginning with a and ending with t” would return a set of words matching the specified criteria.

You can also ask stuff like “where am I?”, “body mass index”, “days until something” and many many more things too.
WolframAlpha paid version is also available in the form of WolframAlpha Pro which offers additional features at a monthly subscription fees. You can upload many file types and data to get an automatic analysis.

So now you can make your web search a totally new, useful and awesome experience with WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine. It computes results dynamically to provide you with factual answers within seconds. It has revolutionized the way knowledge is searched on the Internet. Moreover you can also utilize the power of WolframAlpha on your mobiles and tablets. Its mobile app is available for iPhone and Android as well. So you can easily begin exploring the world of knowledge through WolframAlpha – The Computational Knowledge Engine.

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