Free To-Do List Management App Wunderlist

If you are pathetic at keeping track of things, you seriously need a helping hand. In fact to make and keep ourselves productive, we need to manage our task efficiently. Well your life can go out of control if you are not able to manage your day to day tasks. Moreover, our life is too busy that some time it becomes really difficult to manage our work, but by using a Task Management Application you can solve this problem.

With task management application, we can create our day to day tasks, reminders and project lists. This can help us a lot as we know what we have to do and we can remember our future tasks and thus we can increase our productivity.

There are a lot of task management or reminder software available. These days our life is depended on Web and Mobile devices. Considering our dependency on mobile devices we need a task manager program which can also run on our mobile devices.

Wunderlist is one such a great program which is available for all devices from Web to Windows and Mac, from iPad to Android and iPhone. Using Wunderlist Task Management Application you can easily fix up your problem of lack of organization and lack of managing your tasks. In fact, Wunderlist is one of the most popular to-do list manager app and is thoroughly painless to use. Wunderlist comes with Facebook Integration, provides e-mail alerts, in-app notifications, and delivers you smart lists which make sure that you see what is most relevant to you.

Free To-Do List Management App Wunderlist

Moreover, Wunderlist is free and easy to use Task Manager Software. It is also available as Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Web. It can be used on all iOS Devices and can function as a browser extension as well as Mac App. Wunderlist offers online synchronization, so you don’t have to depend on a computer or any other device. Rather you can access you data from anywhere. You just need Internet connectivity.

Wunderlist Task Management App is easy to use. Its user interface follows a similar pattern on various platforms. It has a menu bar on the left hand side which keeps tracks on what lists you are currently working. You can quickly add lists and fill them with tasks which you need to perform. If you want to add a new to-do list, you are required to tap on the “add a list” and provide a name to it. You can add your tasks by entering in the input box labeled as “add an item”. You can add item one by one by clicking on next and click done when you have finished adding your tasks.

Wunderlist allows you to fine tune individual tasks. You can assign an alert to a task item, generate sub-tasks, notes, reminders, due dates and can even create recurring tasks around an item. Wunderlist even allows you to create new tasks using your email box. You would never lose track of your tasks as it provides you reminders and notifications.

On Wunderlist, you can coordinate with your friends and colleagues so that you can accomplish tasks or projects. Wunderlist helps you to share your task lists with your friends. You can further work on projects with your friends by sharing the tasks through email. You can even use social networking sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, etc) to share the task lists.

Wunderlist is a very useful and powerful task manager which is available for various devices and operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Android and for web browser, as well. With Wunderlist, the tasks and work-lists get automatically synced in the cloud. All of your data is protected through bank-level security.

Now with the introduction of its latest version named as Wunderlist 2, you will get to have more powerful and advanced task management features. Some of the improvements you would find in Wunderlist 2 include features such as a detailed view, sharing of tasks and work lists through Facebook, Activity Center, redesigned look with new graphics, new API, inclusion of Smart Lists, facility of a minified view so that you can also use Wunderlist along with other apps, and many other features, as well.

On the whole, Wunderlist is a simple, efficient, easy to use task manager. Using Wunderlist you can effectively manage and organize your day to day tasks.

You can download Wunderlist for Windows and Mac. Wunderlist is also available for Mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android.

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