ColorSnapper: Color Picker for Mac OS X

Web designers, graphic designers, developers, photographers and other design professionals are often on the lookout for new design inspirations for their projects. As color is an important element in designing they usually require picking some unique color combinations time and again. A color picker basically is able to identify a color present on your system and inform what it is in HEX or RGB or any other format.

Why ColorSnapper?

Desktop color picking application can be very useful in quickly grabbing colors whether online or offline. ColorSnapper is a cool color picker for Mac OS X; can be an effective answer to all your color picking requirements.

ColorSnapper: Color Picker for Mac OS X
What it does?

As a Mac application, ColorSnapper can be locally installed in your computer to easily and quickly pick colors from everything that is present on your system. ColorSnapper is the missing color picker app for Mac OS X users. It can pick colors from anything that your Mac computer shows to you. ColorSnapper can pick colors while you are browsing and it can also pick colors from a file present on your Mac OS. So you are not limited only to the web, ColorSnapper gives you the much required artistic freedom so that you can select colors of your choice wherever you find them.

How it works? Usage of ColorSnapper

ColorSnapper is a simple and easy-to-use tool for quickly finding the color (pixel) present on your screen. You need to activate the system-wide hotkey to begin using this application. It has a magnified loupe which enables you to easily pick the color pixel you require. The picked color gets copied to the clipboard in your preferred format. Once installed, ColorSnapper appears as an icon on the Menu bar of your Mac screen. You have to click the icon to begin picking a color. Your cursor will transform into a magnifying glass and you see the portion on the screen at the pixel level with RGB or HEX value. So you are able to pick exactly the same color which you want. You have to then select the colour which you want to record. ColorSnapper will store the value of the color which you had selected.

ColorSnapper: Color Picker for Mac OS X
The second half of the usage of ColorSnapper is using the picked up color. With ColorSnapper you can copy the selected color format for using it in other place. For example if you are a graphic designer then you can use ColorSnapper to pick a color and copy it into the Photoshop Color Tool. You simply have to select the color from the ColorSnapper menu, the selected format will be copied to the clipboard and would be ready to use.

Other Highlights of ColorSnapper

Other important features of ColorSnapper are that it supports 14 different color formats, has customizable hotkey, has history of recently picked colors, adjustable lens magnification, it supports keyboard navigation with arrow keys, has primary as well as alternative clipboard format and has many other features too.

ColorSnapper is one of those tools that designers would definitely like to have in their Mac system. What’s important, it can pick colors from anything which is displayed on your Mac system, whether it is on the web or some other app or on a file in your system and that too in a simple and easy manner. It can be readily purchased from the Mac App Store. ColorSnapper is really a cool color picker for Mac users.

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