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The Red Hat sponsored Linux-based operating system, Fedora is making headlines across the globe for free, secure, stable, fast and powerful open source operating system. Fedora came into existence in 2003 as a community distribution which was named “The Fedora Project”. Red Hat is encouraging The Fedora Project in a big way and supporting the worldwide community to innovate and build free open source technology software.

Fedora is now successfully serving and fulfilling the motive of being a source of software innovations. Fedora has become a preferred alternative for operating system instead of Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X for millions of users throughout the world. Moreover Fedora is distributed as free of cost open-source software supported by the global community of developers creating the most advanced free software technologies.

Fedora Releases

Fedora has till date released 16 versions ever since its first release codenamed as “Yarrow” on 5- Nov 2003. Its latest version Fedora 16, popularly known as “Verne” saw its release on 08-Nov 2011 and was quick to gain on popularity with the users worldwide. “Verne” or Fedora 16 has been dedicated to the memory of Dennis Ritchie.

Fedora Linux

The Fedora Difference

Red Hat has always believed in the value of free software and has promoted software solutions that can be easily redistributed and used by anybody throughout the world. The Linux line of free operating systems is a live example. Red Hat has followed the same principle is building and innovating Fedora. By collaborating closely with the software project teams, Red Hat ensures that improvements and enhancements are incorporated quickly in the free open source operating software so that ultimately the users benefit from any type of developments.

Fedora Linux stands on the foundations and core values of freedom, features, friends and first. Anybody can use Fedora for any of their purposes without any legal hassles which ease the promotion of the software. New technical features are always added in Fedora to make it a powerful and flexible operating system. Fedora has a strong community of developers and contributors from across the world who believes in the power of working together to achieve great results. Fedora also implements new innovations year on year. As such you see Fedora coming up with usually two new releases each year. So waiting time is minimal in Fedora as far as innovation is concerned. Each time you get to see the latest and the greatest in Fedora.

Fedora 16 Gnome

Fedora Highlights Gives Good Many Reasons to Use Fedora

Fedora is turning out to be a very popular and excellent choice as far as free and open source operating system is concerned. Fedora is currently ranked at No.3 in DistroWatch’s popularity chart listings. There are many reasons to try and test Fedora for your business. Fedora has many strong enterprise features which can make it good choice for an open source operating system.

Fedora is extremely user friendly and easy to use Linux based operating system. Fedora’s latest release, Fedora 16 has KDE Plasma Workspace 4.7 which includes Plasma Desktop and Netbook workspaces. It also supports KDE Applications, KDE Platform and GNOME 3.2 as well. It gives faster boot timings and powerful system management capabilities to administrators. It is really strong on security features with the inclusion of Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) which implements tough security controls. Fedora’s new Version 16 also supports cloud computing. You can even manage virtual machines and browse guest file systems also through Fedora Linux-based open source operating system. Fedora uses Ext4 file system by default which proves a big advantage for the servers. This file system boosts up the overall speed of your computer system, gives better disk performance and drive space management. You can have file systems with sizes upto 16 TB file sizes.


So making Fedora your choice of Linux-based open source operating system can be a smart decision considering the fact that you have much to gain and virtually nothing to lose. It is available for free and gives you plenty of enhanced features for optimal system performance. You get faster improvements and implementation in the form of new versions by its entire community of developers worldwide. Plus a thorough support as well. Thus you can surely give yourself and your enterprise “The Fedora Freedom”.

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