Wake Up With Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App

Sleep Lover..?? Do not want to wake up at the time of deep sleep. There is an app both for Android and iPhone user Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock which will wake you up automatically at the time when you are not in a deep sleep.

All you have to do is download this app and put it near your head when you sleep. This app will keep a record of your body movements when you in a deep sleep, when you in a light sleep and also when you in REM sleep (dream state).

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app works with the help of accelerometer it detects your body movements. It traces all your movements while you are in bed as it also sits with you on your bed. Then it uses your movements to track your sleep.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock App has only one main purpose to fulfill and that is to wake you up on time. The App accomplishes its work in a very interesting way. It monitors your sleep patterns. In your sleep, you experience light as well as deep sleep cycles. The App monitors these sleep patterns by recording your body movements and wake you up when you reach light sleep cycle in the ‘wake-up window’ period that you have set. However, if you don’t experience light sleep period within the target window, the app will automatically ring the alarm at the end of the target time.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Suppose you have put an alarm of 5:00 AM but at 5 am in the morning you are at your deep sleep this app will track the time between 4:30 to 5:00 in which you are at light sleep. The Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will start the alarm somewhere between these times so that you can wake up at your light sleep and pass the rest of the day without being sleepy. And if you are not in your light sleep phase during those 30 minutes don’t worry it will wake you up at the alarm time you set.

Sleeps Cycle Alarm Clock app have both good and bad points in it.

Good points are as it will help you to wake up when you are not in deep sleep. You will wake up fresh and manage your whole day with freshness. There is no prefixed tones in this app you can choose your own tune to wake up.

As the time passes of your app installation, the more the better average Sleep Time Alarm Clock app set to wake you up. The App provides you a list of soothing and calming alarm sounds as well as provides the option to customize the alarm sound. Sleep Time Alarm Clock app also provides a graph of your daily sleep patterns.

Some bad points about Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app are that you have to place your phone near your head so that app can trace out your body movement easily it will disturb the sleep of others if you sleep with.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock app is worth buying as it helps to get up the time when you not in your deep sleep and makes your whole day freshen up.

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