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PDF is a perfect format when you require precise formatting and fonts for a document. They don’t allow you to edit the documents. You can only look at the documents and are not able to make any changes.

So, if you want to retain the original format of your file and don’t want your file to be edited when you share it with your friends or office colleagues, then PDF comes as a useful format. With PDF Format, you go on to make your file “Read Only.” So, nobody can copy or edit your documents.

However, at times you need to extract information out of a PDF Document. You want to edit the documents and make necessary changes in it. For this, you would require a PDF to Word Converter Software.

A PDF to Word Converter Software allows you to convert a PDF file to a Word document so that you can edit and make appropriate changes to the document according to your requirements.

For example, lot of times, you are working on a Project and would like to edit the project reports when changes do take place. In such cases, PDF files do not allow you to make changes. However, with PDF to Word Converter Software, you can have a Word file of the original PDF Document and can edit the file with appropriate changes.

At times, it becomes a hell of a task to look for a competent PDF to Word Converter Software that would ease your task of converting PDF Documents to Word Format. The only way out is to search the Internet. But then you cannot be sure of the competency of the PDF Converter Software.

After all, you do not want a Word Document that lacks accuracy. Rather, you require precise formatting with quality conversions. So, only the best PDF to Word Converter Software would serve your purpose.

Moreover, searching for a PDF to Word Converter over the Internet requires much of your time and effort. You want to make sure that you get the best PDF to Word Converter Software. So, it’s not easy to locate a perfect PDF to Word Converter Software.

That’s exactly the reason which prompted us to come up with a post featuring PDF to Word Converter Software. The post will help you to easily select the most appropriate PDF to Word Converter Software from the list. We have already done the hard for you and have selected some of the best PDF to Word Converter Software.

If you want to convert PDF to Word, then there are two ways of doing it. Either use an online service or download software and convert right on your computer. Here, we have listed both ways which are best to convert PDF to Word, and both are free.

So, let’s explore this presentation which lists Free PDF to Word Converter Software and provides free online services for converting PDF Documents to Word File. We are quite sure that you would find the presentation highly useful.

5 Best PDF to Word Converter Software

1. UniPDF

UniPDF comes as a completely free PDF Converter Software for your Windows desktop. It is a standalone software and easy to use. UniPDF provides high-quality conversion from PDF files to Word documents, images (PNG, JPG, GIF, TGA, BMP, PCX, and TIF), plain text files, or HTML in batch mode. It preserves the document texts, formatting, layouts, and images.

And that is what you precisely want from a PDF to Word Converter – high-quality conversions, preserving formatting, layouts, document texts and images. It does not disappoint when you go on to test for converting PDF to Word Format.

It perfectly extracts raw text, and can easily convert the PDF to a pixel perfect PNG file. It also does a good job in converting PDF to HTML format. However, UniPDF does not support OCR, but you would be impressed by its ability to translate a document’s mildly unusual fonts into similar examples. Plus, it enables you to do batch processing. It can easily convert a folder full of PDFs to Word Documents automatically. You simply require dragging a PDF folder and hitting the convert button.

UniPDF PDF to Word Converter

2. Nitro PDF to Word Converter

If you are looking for a quick, solid, precise, accurate, and quality PDF to Word Conversion, then Nitro PDF to Word Converter might come out as the perfect answer for PDF to Word Conversion Software. It is one of the best free PDF Converter Software. A free online version is also available.

However, the desktop software is a perfectly competent free tool for converting PDF documents to Word File. It simply requires uploading your PDF, giving an email address to where you want to send the results and hit the convert button. Nitro PDF to Word Converter will instantly transform PDF to Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

When you test for converting PDF to Word Documents, you would not be disappointed at all. It does its job remarkably well. You can even get a direct download of the converted file rather than being delivered by email.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

3. Free File Converter

Free File Converter does the job of converting PDF documents to Word files in a quick and easy manner. It couldn’t get simpler than this – just upload your PDF, select an output format (it can be Word doc, eBook formats like MOBI and EPUB), and click on the on the convert button to get a download link for your converted file.

Plus, Free File Converter offers different format conversions besides PDF. However, you would not find any OCR. The PDF to Word Conversion is pretty decent offering flexibility in text formatting. It can handle PDFs up to 300MB in size. However, at times the text formatting can be a bit off with certain headlines spanning over from one line to two.

Free File Converter

4. PDFMate PDF Converter Free

PDFMate PDF Converter Free comes as a simple and completely free application for converting PDF to Word and other formats. A Pro version is also available. It allows you to convert PDF to Word, EPUB, Image, HTML, Text, or SWF Formats. It also allows conversion of JPG to PDF Format. You can convert scanned PDFs to editable files with OCR. It supports batch conversion. PDFMate PDF Converter Free is fast and accurate and goes on to support multiple languages. It is super easy to use with a wizard-based conversion process.

PDFMate PDF Converter Free

5. Free PDF Convert

The PDF Converter provides an online tool for converting PDF Document into Word File. It provides options for converting PDF to Excel, PDF to PowerPoint, and PDF to Image. It also has the PDF Converter. The conversion process is quick and easy. It is precise and accurate, as well. You simply have to locate the PDF file by clicking on the “Select File” Button. Then go on to click on the “Convert” Button. It has a membership option which allows you to convert an unlimited number of files. There is no delay between conversions.

Free PDF Convert

We hope that the presentation, Free PDF to Word Converter Software proves immensely useful to you. Do share your comments with us.

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