Advanced Port Scanner – A Powerful Port Scanning Software

Computer Security is very important if you want to have a fast, secure, smooth, hassle free working from your PC. In this regard, Scanning of the Ports becomes essential as they constitute the points from where information enters and leaves your computer system.

Although there are quite a few port scanning software; however, you need to exercise your prudence in order to select the best one from the lot.

You actually need a powerful Port Scanning Software which is fast and easy-to-use.

To make things easy for you, I have presented below one of the most advanced, easy-to-use, and fast Port Scanner.

As a matter of fact, Advanced Port Scanner is one such powerful port scanning software which can perform scanning of all your ports really quick and is thoroughly easy to use. Advanced Port Scanner scans your PC detecting open ports. Lets you know how many ports are there in your computer, their location, as well as their status.

Advanced Port Scanner comes as a free tool which not only scans all the ports in your computer system but also on all the networked computers, as well.

It provides a friendly Scan Wizard which makes easy even for novices to run a thorough port scanning on their computer system. Moreover, Advanced Port Scanner comes with a simple and easy-to-use user interface which provides a default ports list and provides the ability for selecting IP and Port Ranges, as well.

Advanced Port Scanner

Basically, there are two types of ports such as physical ports as well as virtual ports. Physical Ports enable you to plug in various peripherals like keyboard, mouse, monitor, scanner, or printer, whereas Virtual Ports enable information exchange between your computer and network. By using Port Scanning Software, you can easily regulate these ports and thus can control the data flow to and from your computer.

Developed by Famatech, Advanced Port Scanner comes as a free tool which not only scans all the ports on your main PC, but also scans ports on your networked computers, as well. It is an advanced Port Scanner and comes with comprehensive port scanning capabilities.

Using Advanced Port Scanner you get to know the number of ports on your PC, their location, information about their status (open or closed) as well as regulate data flow across the ports and thus can keep your computer and network safe and secure.

You can carry out regular port scanning to detect threats and remove them before they cause the problem to your computer or network. Advanced Port Scanner employs multithread technique to provide you with super fast port scanning. You can use Advanced Port Scanner for Win32 platform. It can carry out scans for predefined ranges of ports as well as has descriptions for common ports.

Moreover, Advanced Port Scanner is an easy-to-use port scanner with a user-friendly Scan Wizard. This port scanning tool interface provides you the facility to select port and IP ranges and comes with a default ports list too.

Click on File and select Scan Wizard to do scanning for open ports on your PC or on your LAN. You can choose to scan all of your system’s ports or else you can also choose to scan the standard ones alone. It lists down a tree view displaying all the IP addresses as well as open and closed ports on your LAN’s PCs.

The results of Advanced Port Scanner help you to secure your PC and LAN.

On the whole, Advanced Port Scanner is simple, robust, and fast port scanning software which can help to protect and secure your computer system and LAN.

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