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Just hang up with your friends while sitting at home. With the swift changing technologies, the change in the way of communication is obvious. ooVoo is multi user video chatting software with high picture quality and sound. It is easy to use, and you can enjoy all friends simultaneously while sitting at home. The FREE version restricts you with 3 way video chats, which you can be increased up to 12 after buying credits or on purchasing.

OoVoo is a simple, and an easy to use Video Conferencing Software. All you need is a computer, a web camera and an internet connection. With ooVoo, you can do video messaging, text messaging as well as file sharing. It delivers high quality audio and video output. It has multi-user capabilities. OoVoo enables as much as six people to do video chatting at the same time. Unlike Skype and other video chatting VoIP solutions, you need not install ooVoo on each device. Only one user can have it, and all other members can do video chatting via web browsers.

It is easy to set up ooVoo. You need to visit their website, download their client and require running their installer. You then require creating your account, which is again easy to do. It then tests your web-cam, microphone, and speakers to ascertain everything is working in a proper fashion.

Video Chat ooVoo

ooVoo has many unique features. ooVoo enables you to record video messages, and you can also share your desktop online. You can even adjust speaker and microphone volume while doing video chat. And that’s not all as ooVoo can be used to call your friends on mobile phone or landline, but this is a billable service. Its video message feature is just fantastic. Its video message service can be used just like an e-mail service. You can send video messages to contacts that are not online. You can even send video messages to their email address that are not using ooVoo. ooVoo also offers a help page which features a support center, FAQs, and a detailed guide to basic features.

The software is highly compatible and runs uninterrupted in Windows, MAC OS and also works on Android OS and iOS for iPhones and iPads. You can get maximum 12 people connected via video chat in the premium version which company offers for FREE for 30 days trial.

The features include:

  • 3 way Video Calls and audio Calls ooVoo to ooVoo
  • HD Video capability of 720p video quality
  • Record and send video messages to friends or to email address
  • Text chat and text chat history (ooVoo to ooVoo)
  • Technical support
  • Embed a video chat room in a website
  • Send files up to 5MB

If you need its additive features for your business or any other reason you can buy their PRO pack which includes features like:

  • 12 way Video Calls and audio Calls ooVoo to ooVoo
  • Recording and saving of video calls in FLV format
  • Record and save audio conferencing calls
  • Store and post recorded video calls
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Sending files, up to 25MB
  • Add phone participants to your video calls, or call a landline or mobile phone directly

Thus, with ooVoo you can change the way of communication and can get connected online with its high-quality video and audio and multi-user capabilities. All-in-all, ooVoo is a high quality video conferencing IM Software which enables you to talk to your friends and family members with just a few mouse clicks. Although ooVoo does not provide a Chat Room; however, this software can be highly productive for conferences and meetings and also for fun making.

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