Do it (Tomorrow): A To-Do List App for Android and iOS

Are you not willing to do anything today, nothing to worry “Do It Tomorrow” is there to remind you for tomorrow.

Do It (Tomorrow) is a simple, visually stunning, very subtle, but very useful to-do app for Android. You can download it for free from the android market. Besides Android, Do It (Tomorrow) is also available for iPhone and iPad. However, for iPad it is not available for free.

You can create a list of the tasks you need to finish today, and as you accomplish them strike them off in a very polished and elegant way. But if you aren’t able to complete that task or found some other work more important or even if you forgot it to do today then???

Do It (Tomorrow) not only gives you reminders for today’s work, but also lets you postpone things for tomorrow. You can just flick that task in tomorrow’s list. It is simple, easy and powerful too.

Do It Tomorrow: A To-Do List App for Android and iOS

Some of the main features of Do It (Tomorrow) App are as follows:

  • It provides you with a fantastic to-do notebook like experience.
  • You can enter to-do tasks really fast.
  • Simple and user friendly interface.
  • You can check off the completed tasks easily or can even delete the completed tasks altogether.
  • Gives you hi-resolution displays.
  • Synchronize and access the tasks through its web version which is free (
  • The best feature for this app is its simplicity. As you can only plan things for today or tomorrow in this app, so looking aberrantly you really focus on what you need to do. There aren’t fancy alerts or complication in using this app. Do It (Tomorrow) is easy to configure and great to use. The main feature of the app- being able to refer the task to tomorrow list is very helpful.

On the whole, Do It (Tomorrow) app is a great application that everyone should check out. It’s simple to use and has great functionality. It gives you the option of guilt-free lingering as you can easily put things off until tomorrow. The plush graphics, superb design, easy-to-use interface and all round simplicity make Do It (Tomorrow) a brilliant app for usage.

Download Do it (Tomorrow) for Android

Download Do it (Tomorrow) for iPhone

Download Do it (Tomorrow) for iPad

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