5 Best Antivirus for Mac

Antivirus for Mac

It’s always a good idea to stack layers of security for your Mac machine.

Truly speaking your Mac operating system is not 100% secure from attacks like viruses, malware, Trojans, and Worms. [Read more...]

5 Best Free OCR Software for Windows

OCR Software

Wouldn’t you like to simplify your data entry tasks or wish to perform editing process for several of your frequently used documents in a much lesser time or even wish to simplify searches? Of course, you would like to save much of your time, efforts and money in doing all and many other such related tasks. Yes, modern technology does provide you with a simpler and smarter way. [Read more...]

Manage your Android Phone with Wondershare MobileGo

Wondershare MobileGo

The Android platform is already a hit with people from all across the globe.

Today there are millions of Android Fans. Every other day you get to see a new Android device being launched. There is a huge market for Android Apps and Games and people simply have a great time using them. There is no denying of the fact that the Android is a powerful platform that has given a new dimension to Smartphones and Tablets. [Read more...]