Speedup Your PC With iolo System Mechanic


Well, everybody wants that his or her computer system should deliver top performance at all times. Though this is a desirable situation but one, usually faces the problems of slow working computer, program lockups, error messages, slow internet speed, system crashes, registry problems, slow system start-up and other problems, as well. [Read more...]

5 Best Free Firewall Software for Windows

Firewall Software

Online threats are increasing day by day. The only best way to secure your computer from various threats is to combat these online threats. The Internet use is on the increase and with it grows the dangers of online threats like viruses, malwares, spywares and fears from the attacks of hackers. You want to ensure that you are safe while shopping, surfing the web, or banking online. The best way to do this is to use a Firewall Software. [Read more...]

5 Best Free Windows Desktop Search Software

Windows Desktop Search Software, Windows, Search Software

Every operating system comes with desktop search software which helps you to find files stored in your computer same is with Microsoft Windows operating system which comes with search tool. In day to day operations, lots of files and documents are created. It is not easy to remember where you have stored your files on your computer. For this, you are required to use Windows Desktop Search Software. [Read more...]

5 Files and Folders Encryption Software

Encryption Software

Important and sensitive data are stored in our computer. Sometimes other people or even our family members use the same computer, but we don’t want them to access or modify our important data. As such Encryption of data becomes important if you want to protect and safeguard your data, files and folders from being stolen, misused, modified or accessed. [Read more...]

5 Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software

CD-DVD Burning Software

CD or DVD burning is almost a daily job as it is used to backup your data like photos, videos or any important files on CD or DVD. Listed below Free CD-DVD Burning Software can easily and quickly burn your CDs, DVDs and Blu Ray into the required formats. [Read more...]

Robin – Voice Assistant Android App


Today you cannot imagine life without the use of varied Mobile Apps. The Mobile Apps offer extensive functionalities and solve several of our day to day requirements hence making our lives easy and smart. As such Mobile Apps have become an essential and integral part of our daily life. Mobile Apps essentially gives you the capabilities to manage the different activities of your life through the use of fingertips. [Read more...]

5 Best Free Android Expense Manager Apps

Android Expense Manager Apps

Managing your expenses play an important role in every earning person. In fact, if you do not have a close monitoring of your expenses, your financial life gets disturbed which directly affects your whole family. With no control on your expenses, you suddenly find yourself short of funds, which is a pathetic situation. [Read more...]

5 Most Popular Linux Distributions

LinuxMint Linux Distribution

Linux is equally popular as any other operating systems available today such as Windows or Mac OS. As you would be aware, Linux is a free open-source operating system. Main reason of the increasing popularity of Linux is due to many Linux distributions available to choose from. Every Linux distribution has its own strength which attracts the user to adopt that Linux distribution.
Today there are many Linux distributions which are available, and every distribution is trying to make Linux more easy to use and more powerful than any other OS. [Read more...]

5 Battery Saving Apps for Your Android Phone


The biggest worry that always remains a matter of big concern for the smartphone phone users is the battery backup of their phone. More the powerful is your mobile; quickly it consumes the battery power.

Android mobiles are known for high battery consumption and mostly last for only one day after full charging. If you want to save your phone’s battery, then there are some apps available in Android market, which will alleviate this problem. [Read more...]